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The CLAIM Act H.R. 3363

HR 3363 : To reform uniformity and reciprocity among States that license insurance claims adjusters and to facilitate prompt and efficient adjusting of insurance claims, and for other purposes.


Referred to the House Committee on Financial Services. July 24, 2017

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Independent claims adjusters currently face a patchwork system of inconsistent state regulations that can delay the prompt and qualified adjustment of disaster victim and other claimants’ claims. The CLAIM Act is designed to facilitate prompt adjusting only in those states that license adjusters in the case of natural and other disasters and provide independent claims adjusters with the regulatory clarity needed to provide timely, efficient, and cost-effective service to claimants. 

The CLAIM Act advances uniformity, reciprocity, and consumer protections for claims adjusting across state lines. States that do not currently license adjusters will not need to do so. Fully recognizing and respecting state oversight of insurance matters, the CLAIM Act: 

(1) Enables independent claims adjusters to handle claims more efficiently and effectively across state lines in an increasingly nationwide marketplace by spurring reciprocal licensing reforms; 

(2) Protects consumers by encouraging those states that license adjusters to adopt uniform licensing criteria; and 

(3) Facilitates accelerated adjusting of claims in those states that do not meet uniformity and reciprocity standards.